YouTube Channel as a Marketing Tool

Do you have a YouTube Channel for your business or non-profit organization? If you are unclear yet on why a YouTube channel for your business is worthwhile, take a look at this article from Entrepreneur.

You could actually improve your organization’s efficiency! Just think – instead of your staff spending lots of time explaining your products or services, they could refer your customers/clients and prospects to a demo video online. It would take little more than sending them a link – or embedding the video on your page.

I know I often make technology purchases after watching video about a particular phone or piece of video gear. One video I watched convinced me how easy something was to set up because it SHOWED me how easy it was to set up!

There are many options – and you don’t have to produce a huge-budget Cecil B. deMille (or Quentin Tarantino, if you prefer) epic.  Video ideas include product demos, service explanations, mission statements, owner introductions …Whatever your organization is about, whatever pain you ease or solve, videos can show your desired audience what you’re talking about.

I happen to like Big Ass Fans’ YouTube channel. It offers videos on its products – but also helps with recruiting by offering videos about the work culture. And yes, they have videos thumbing their noses at people who don’t like the company name. It’s all part of a carefully thought out marketing plan. (You can check it out here.)

You can do on-camera talking or animated text; your people can hold up signs making key points or you can just do a “Ken Burns” style video with photos.  The key is to plan your points – what do your customers need to know? What value do you offer? And then get shooting!

(If this all seems overwhelming or time-consuming, we can help! Just ask.)