Video on Facebook

Hootsuite and Facebook led me to a post by Gary Vaynerchuk extolling the virtues of video on Facebook. A couple years ago I tried to upload video directly to Facebook and it was a struggle. Much easier to upload to YouTube.

Now Vaynerchuk writes that the hot social media trend is video on Facebook, and uploading it “natively.” (I.e. not to just post a link from competitor YouTube. ) I assume Facebook has fixed the endless lag I used to experience when trying to upload. YouTube (and Vimeo, not mentioned by Vaynerchuk) offered a much easier upload experience.

If you can upload, certainly Facebook can get your video in front of highly targeted prospects. Facebook is promising to get your message in front of exactly who you need to be in front of.

Meanwhile, YouTube doesn’t offer targeting. It offers tagging to aid search, and it currently is flooded with videos. Vaynerchuk notes that YouTube claims 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 

But no one tries to keep up with 300 hours every minute. Instead, you probably will seek a video that demonstrates a way to do something you want or need to do, or a video that reviews a product you’re considering buying. You may also watch videos on a particular company’s channel.  For example, I like to check in on Kentucky’s Big Ass Fans “Fanny” channel. They use YouTube to hone their brand, sell products, and attract prospective employees.

So while Facebook will probably clutter up our feed before long with marketing videos (and maybe break everyone’s addiction to the site) YouTube is still useful for learning more about someone, and probably its videos will be easier to search for and find.

And of course, there’s that pesky YouTube owner – a giant search engine called Google. You still go to that first to find something, right?

Vaynerchuk himself should re-watch one of his own videos before getting everyone excited about videos on Facebook. It’s called: Marketers Ruin Everything.