Is ‘Mama’s Song’ a theme for some brides?

When a DJ plays Carrie Underwood’s ‘Mama’s Song’ at a reception, I often find myself shooting a really touching moment. It’s typically when the bride and her mom slow dance in a big, teary hug, eventually joined by the groom and the mom’s husband.  That’s right – I see this most often at weddings where there are blended families, divorced families.

Actually I had thought the song’s title was “Don’t You Worry About Me,” which is a repeated refrain and seems most appropriate in its wedding setting. Seeing everybody hug-dancing together is a wonderful moment – it suggests a recovery from past heartache, and an endorsement that mother and daughter see a happy future ahead.

You can watch the official video here. I like it, even though my brides do not tend to leave their receptions to board a private jet!