Behind the camera

Behind the camera… In my line of work, controversy currently abounds over two popular editing systems. I have long used Apple’s Final Cut Pro to edit.

But now, Apple has completely rewritten it. Final Cut X came out I think two years ago, but you can still  go on industry chat boards today and find total angst and anger because X is deemed more like iMovie than professional.

So a lot of people considered switching to Adobe’s Creative Suite. Well, Whoa, Nelly! Adobe’s currently roiling the waters with its cloud subscription-only decision. (i.e. you can only edit if you have a desire to pay Adobe $50 a month forever as your projects will die if you don’t maintain the subscription.)

So upgrading currently is a nightmare for anyone on an Apple system. When I started the advice was, stick with all Apple, because it will work better, and with one company you can get solutions. The implication was PC-based systems had too many companies involved who could blame each other when you experienced a glitch. But now, I think the PC-based folks are sitting pretty, possibly laughing at all us Apple editors. A big problem is the success of all the iPhones & iPads, which led Apple management to drop focus on smaller-market professional systems.

I think this is an example of the curse, “May you live in interesting times.”